Sunday, March 23, 2014

Phonics Work Pack 1 Complete!

After working on this pack for the last month I have finally finished my first Phonics Work bundle! Yay!

My class this year has a lot of little grade 1 students who have not yet learned to read and do not recognise most letters or sounds. At first I panicked a little (just a little) as in my previous year of teaching I my grade one students knew the basics so I wasn’t quite sure where I was going to start. Memories of university courses and teaching prep (kindergarten) students were a bit fuzzy so I did what most of us would do… hit the internet, pinterest and teaching textbooks to come up with a plan of attack.

I have used a phonics programs before but was not entirely happy with the structure and lack of resources to use. After a lot of reading I decided to structure my phonics lessons around another program although lacked the funds to purchase all of the resources and materials.

My first phonics pack has three parts to it:
1    * Phoneme/Letter work
2    * Word work
3    * Sentence work
Part 1: Phoneme/Letter Work
Preview: Part 1
Part 2: Word Work
Preview: Part 2
Part 3: Sentence Work
Preview: Part 3
Each part builds upon the previous part. First the students learn 8 phonemes and the corresponding letters. Once they know these first 8 sounds they can start to blend CVC words (using only those 8 letters) and move on to the word work. After this they move on to the sentence work with CVC words and basic sight words.

The first letters are s, m, c, g, t, p, a and o.

I have used this pack for my grade 1 students in Term 1 and plan to move on to the next 8 phonemes next term. 

Activities include flashcards, writing pages, tracing pages, reading pages and mini books, worksheets, cutting and pasting activities, dice games, four in a row and bingo games.

The pack is mostly in black and white with a few colour pages.
Print, laminate and reuse! I keep paper copies in my folder but I also have multiple laminated copies to reuse and save ink and paper.

I’ll keep you posted about my next pack that will use the next 8 sounds I’m hoping to get that done over Easter break. I’m very excited about sharing this with you. I’d love to post more about it but time is running out before Monday hits! You can purchase this pack from my TpT Store here. Please feel free to leave a comment. What do you think?
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