Monday, March 17, 2014

Motivational Monday Freebie - Ten Frame Kids

It’s been a very busy weekend for me. Obviously not socially but I found my motivation to try and finish off some packs I have been working on. They are almost there and will be popping up in my store during the week (fingers crossed).
Today’s Motivational Monday Freebie is my Ten Frame Kids. These are black and white printable ten frames with cute little kids on each one. I have printed, cut and laminated these and we are using them with a lot of our number work. We have got so much use out of them making numbers, learning about teen numbers, doing addition and subtraction and learning our tens facts. The students have enjoyed using them. Just don’t make the mistake of giving a boy a ten frame with a girl on it. Oh no that won’t fly Miss Hayley! A boy cannot use a ten frame with a girl on it.

You can download the Ten Frame Kids here or find them in my TpT store
Have fun with these in your class or home. 

Does anyone have any suggestions for future freebies? If so leave a comment below.
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