Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Back in the Swing

Week 2 of school for 2014 and we are back into the swing of things. We are into our reading, writing, spelling, sight words, maths, science, health, visual art and history work. Phew!

Homework started this week and I’m happy to say the kids said, “YES!” with fists pumping in the air. Wow, that was a shock. I didn’t realise they were that into it. I know there are times when I have a groan about making it, printing it and photocopying it. Last year I swapped and changed a bit with what I sent home but this year I think I’ve got it all figured out (so far).

The students in my class take home:
* 1 home reader for year 1 and 3 for year 2
* a spelling list in a homework book with instructions on how to practice the words each week
* a page of sight words to learn to read
* a page of maths work

Reading bookmark for fiction and non-fiction texts

I send home as much information as I can to parents to help them help their children. I’ve made this reading bookmark for students and parents to use at home together. It has questions for before, during and after reading and has fiction questions on one side and non-fiction questions on the other. I know many parents don’t realise that reading and comprehension starts before opening a book and continues after it has been read. I hope that this “little something extra” can assist families at home. This is not just for teachers but parents too! You can download it for free here or find it in my freebies page.

Magic 100 Super Sight Words homework pack

Super Sight Words homework page

Something else I’ve refined is my sight word homework. I have made lists for each of our Magic 100 and Magic 200 words that can be used at home, then one side is returned to class signed by the student and parent while the other is left at home for future use. I love the 'super sight word' theme. You can check out my sight words homework list for Magic 100 here and Magic 200 here and don’t forget to have a browse through the rest of my Teachers Pay Teachers store. I'm currently working on words 201-300 and 301-400 for the kids who have finished the other lists.

We’ll see how much the kids enjoy their homework after this week. Already I’ve had about 6 students bring it back after one night even though its not due til next Monday. They are so cute. I think they just enjoy bringing something to and from school.

I’d love to hear about other homework systems and thoughts. Feel free to leave a comment below.

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